No More Surprises

Times aren’t what they were in 2006. Even some of the best subs are facing the toughest economic conditions in many decades. Work is thin, and margins are thinner. Now your biggest concern is that which you can’t control; your sub’s ability to maintain their own financial health outside of your project.

With Great Horn in place, a sub never has the opportunity to mingle your contract proceeds. Your project becomes its own division for your subcontractor, with a separate bank account that isolates contract funds until completion, and an independent and objective Accounts Payable department.

Great Horn Financial Services has access to all subcontract documents, invoices, and direct cost schedules. We know at all times exactly what is earned, paid, and what isn’t. Great Horn pursues every disbursement for coded invoices, lien releases, and signed authorization from your sub-contractor.

We see the entire sub-contract from the inside out. Great Horn reports back to you when things are on track, and more importantly, when they aren’t, and at no cost to you.