Mitigate Payment Risks

Underwriting good business has grown increasingly difficult in the post-recession surety market. The risk of non-payment of subs and suppliers due to mismanagement of funds and cash-flow issues has only grown as a result.

Great Horn’s process was developed by surety professionals and honed over the last eighteen years to maintain optimum mitigation of payment risks throughout every phase of a periodic draw schedule without “piling on” surety fees, or choking the contractor’s ability to operate normally.

Great Horn’s budget formula allows fair and predictable access to funds for job expenses and profit and overhead, while eliminating the ability of a contractor to capture overbillings or front-load a project to supplement cash shortfalls elsewhere in their business.

With an effective funds control tool available, a surety can convert lost opportunity and maintain or enhance relationships with solid contractors who may need a little extra help in the back room.